Holy Fatigue Batman!

I have definitely noticed a correlation between the dieting and fatigue.  Im EXHAUSTED.  I dont know if its confounded by the breastfeeding but Im sure that it is.  To add, I had an extremely active weekend with the kiddos…which leads me to think about the burdon of extra weight.  I did a hike with my 16 pound daughter on my back and it was exhausting.  I thought about the amount of weight that I have to loose - about 40 pounds - and I wonder how this might be tiring me out.  After all its like carrying a grade schooler around on one’s body - no?  If not for anything else, I must loose this weight so that I can keep up.  I like being active (not in the stairmaster type of way - but rather in the ‘lets go for a 3 hour hike” type of way) and I want to do these things without feeling like Ive been hit by a bus.  More motivation in my pocket…

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  1. rea @ May 9th, 2011

    How is it going? How is your diet, exercise, breastfeeding balance working?
    My energy is doing OK so far, but I haven’t really cut any calories out of my day because of the breastfeeding. Regarding your friends comment….There is never a good time to do something difficult, but maybe it is when we feel our worst, and are at out most stressed, that we need it even more. I’m enjoying the exercise routine that I have started, mostly because it gives me half an hour to myself and that is good for my sanity.

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