If Not Now Then When?

Upon hearing that I have embarked on a weight loss journey, I had a very close friend of mine remark “Why would you do that to yourself now with all of this other stuff going on?” I trust that she said this out of the kindness of her heart but its precisely that kind of thinking that has kept me from loosing weight.  After my son was born, I didnt try to loose weight because I didnt want to compromise the breastfeeding relationship.  Then we moved to the States and things were too turbulent to start, then my ailing brother came to stay with me, then he died, etc etc.  Yeah I have a ‘lot going on’, but who doesnt?  The stress from work ebbs anf flows, my son’s epilepsy isnt going away and yeah I have a baby but I really need to do this now.  I know that I get cranky when I try to loose weight but hopefully I can try to manage that.  I think if I cut out the caffiene, that might help.

 On a different but not entirely unrelated note, I bought these sexy tie up socks from Sock Therapy.  I wore them today even though Im wearing pants and I feel great.  (How can a piece of clothing make one feel great and isnt that so superficial?)  When anthropologists study humans the world around, they find so many commonalities between cultures.  One of these commonalities is vanity.  We’re a vain species and Im no exception.  I love wearing super fashionable clothes and to be brutally honest, its one of my main motivators for loosing weight.  Of course I want to be healthy (or rather stay healthy because  I feel pretty good but I know Im getting to the age when shit starts breaking down), and to be able to do any activity without feeling like a truck hit me.  However I really just want to be able to wear skinny jeans and a nice peasant top. LOL!

So now is the time.  Not tomorrow, not next year, not when ‘things settle down’.  “Life is what is happening when youre busy making other plans”.  Carpe Diem!

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