Accepting Overweight Status

What a wakeup call did I get when I signed up to this site and they asked about my goal.  Initially I had put my goal as 7 llbs heavier than what it is now.  However it showed that I was still above the recommended BMI.  How did I get here (that is how do I accept larger BMIs as acceptable and how on earth did I become so overweight?)?  I used to be a long distance runner who was horrified when I was over 130llb (because it slowed me down).  Yeah I know, pregnancy, back problems, work stress, insert more excuses here.  I ‘accepted’ the weight (which is healthy for a positive self image - isnt it?).  What a fine line between having a positive self image while trying to achieve a healthier weight. 

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  1. viv @ May 4th, 2011

    lol…i asked the same thing…my goal is to be 175 but that is too heavy and the BMI too high…but as the doctor said what makes it unhealthy is the amount of fat we carry around….i like you weigh less than 130 and gained all my weight from the age of 45 to 51….mindless eating…i would not even call it emotional eating…i ate till my stomach would hurt so much that i could not think about anything except the pain in my stomach…i dont want to be super thin…i want to be healthy…and i am sure i will go lower with the goal…i just dong want to end up with any wrinkles…i am have lost a bit over 70 lbs now and i thank god i have yet to see a wrinkle….but from what i been told as i lose more i will have them…so we will wait and see.

  2. Queensmom @ May 5th, 2011

    I also fell into that trap of accepting the extra weight until I got on the scale and it read 195lbs and I just couldn’t bear it. I was so ashamed of how I had let it all pack on. I have two young daughters and I am searching for the fine line between healthy eating and positive self-image.

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